Company Profile

Company Profile

SAHAKA was established in December 2015 by two investors from Khmer and Japanese and it was approved by National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) as a Public Limited Company Microfinance Institution in April 2016.

To serve the best to our customers, SAHAKA has classified our loan products as:

  • Business Loan
  • Housing Loan
  • Personal Loan
  • Education Loan

Starting from a small office and only six staff, SAHAKA has grown up both office space and its staff members.

The total number of staff members as of December 2017 was 35 people of which 34% are women, and we expected that by 2018 the total staff member would be increased up to 50 people.

Chairman Message

Mr. Bol Vanneat Chairman and CEO

In 2017, we could certainly make a remarkable step closer to our plan by contributing to the society and respond to our customer’s needs through providing the loan service.

The majority of our product reach is Business Loan which is 46% among our total portfolio to support and expand our customer’s business operations and we strongly believe it would contribute to our country’s economic growth.

Cambodia’s economy is moving up from the low-income bracket into lower-middle income territory and we see that 2017 our Country still maintained the economic growth rate with an average of 6.9 percent. Looking to the whole sector, the number of financial sectors have been grown up from last year 2016 and if comparing to the number of MFIs, there is an increase of 9 percent. This is an evident to show that our country is still in need the financial availability to contribute to our economic growth.

As a part of the sector, we are continuing to strengthen our business model and facilitate the delivery of enhancing microfinance services to our client in the public and private sectors that enables sustainable revenue streams into the future.

Operating and Financial Results

Detailed commentary on the operating and financial results for 2017 is included in the financial statement. Even we did not make a profit for these two years, but our operational performance was very good by reaching our target to almost 5.25 million.

Capital and Funding

To reinforce our ability to support our customers for the long term, we continue to strengthen our capital and funding positions. We made an increase of 1.5 million into our capital this year and another 2.97 million of fund for our operations.

Customer Satisfaction

Our most important metric has been customer satisfaction and this remains the case. Serving our customers and acting in their best interests is what makes our business sustainable. Our people have been working hard in recent years to deliver the service, products and innovation that customers expect. We rank first or equal first for customer satisfaction in all key business services segments, mobile repayment collection and door to door financial services.  We always care about the way our customer would like and are looking for a better repayment to ensure the ease and economic of our customer.

Partner Cooperation

To extend our services to the customer, we are looking for an agency to cooperate the cash transfer service. We see that it is an added service that would facilitate loan repayment process where the customer could repay their loan anywhere closer to them.


This is another year where we continue to work extremely hard in innovation. Innovating purposefully and for the benefit of our customers has been at the center of our strategy for our five-year plan. This will provide a better service for existing customers such as viewing the loan history and payment schedule functionality for easy payment and re-access additional loan. In addition to this, the new customers will also be able to download the Customer app, open an account and view our financial products and they can submit their loan request to SAHAKA.

Environment and Social Priorities

We always consider the environmental, social and economic impacts of our activities. We are committed to operating sustainably and to making a positive contribution beyond our core business. In 2017, we set out the Policy to include Environmental Protection Contribution to limit global warming, and to define the role we play in supporting the transition to recycle paper use to protect tree which is indirectly good impact to a low carbon economy and in tackling climate change. In terms of our own environmental footprint, we continue to raise our targets for reductions in waste, water and energy usage.