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  • 1. Why should I use finances to improve or increase my business?

    - To growth more business and capital

    - To grow your business at the same time as your business lacks capital

    - To make your business financially viable and take the lead in the competitive market.

    - Trusting customers and staff

  • 2. Why should I use financing to buy houses?

    - Fulfill your dream with a home-style that you love

    - Give your family happiness, comfort, and safety

    - Targeted expenses reduce the cost of renting a home

    - a stylish person

  • 3. Why should I use financing to buy a car?

    - Easy way to travel

    - Comfortable seating is more relaxing than traveling in other ways, such as traveling by motorbike, public bus, etc.

    - Very fast, fast and secure compared to public transport - Fulfill his dream with the brand he loves

  • 4. Why should I use financing to buy what I needs?

    - To support our most urgent needs

  • 5. Why should I use financing to support my education?
    - There are many reasons we all need education because education can help us to learn something new, get a good job and have a fresh life in today's society. The higher our education and skills, the better the chance for success in our life.
  • 6. How to apply loan application request?

    To apply for a loan, you can contact our team:

    • Phone: 023 967 779/061 500 979/093 500 979
    • Website: www.sahakamfi.com
  • 7. What is the document required to support loan request?

    It is easy to apply for a loan request, but you can meet the following requirements as below:

    Term and Condition

    Types of loans

    Currency KHR

    Currency USD


    Business Loan

    280 million riels


    6 years

    Housing Loan

    280 million riels


    15 years

    Car Loan

    100 million riels


    5 years

    Personal Loan

    20 million riels


    3 years

    Education Loan

    20 million riels


    5 years

    Required documents are

    Required documents (Company or Enterprise)

    Collateral type

    • Identity card or passport
    • Family book
    • Income statement
    • Patent
    • A Trademark
    • Other documents confirm your business expenses and income
    • Soft title/strong title real estate property
  • 8. How many types of loan repayment schedules?

    There are generally four types of loan repayment schedules:

    • Annuity
    • Declining
    • Balloon
    • Negotiate
  • 9. How do I make a payment?

    Customers can make repayments in the following ways:

    • Come directly to the central office
    • Pay with the following Wing Account Code:
    1. Code 9114 for Dollar (USD)
    2. Code 9115 for Khmer (KHR)

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